Men’s Health POWERTOOLS are developed jointly by HAMMER SPORT AG and the lifestyle magazine, Men’s Health. The licensing cooperation started in June 2009 and combines the know-how of both fitness experts to produce new and better, highly functional, yet visually appealing fitness equipment for quality-conscious athletes.

Its experience and innovative strength are the primary reasons that HAMMER SPORT AG became the world's first licensee outside the media industry to work with the magazine Men's Health. Men’s Health is the world’s largest men’s lifestyle magazine and the absolute expert in matters of fitness and training tips.

Men’s Health POWERTOOLS are designed primarily for athletically ambitious men, who want to discover their personal limits and then push them further with the help of new innovations. Each product offers special functions and unique features that are proven to facilitate maximum training success. This is what you will find in our innovative multi-function strength-training stations, multi-function dumbbells, exclusive dumbbell systems and revolutionary abdominal trainers

Their appealing and high-quality designs make all equipment the visual highlight in every home.

Each year additional innovative and highly functional products for intensive strength training are planned as part of this collaboration.

Visit www.mypowertools.de to see all products, pictures and detailed descriptions.