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The FINNLO brand is the flagship of the HAMMER SPORT AG family of brands. Through absolute dedication and having the highest standards for quality, technology and design as well as an exclusive distribution concept, FINNLO products have become Europe's recognized premium fitness articles.


Cardio and strength-training machines are marketed under the FINNLO brand. The range of products covers elliptical trainers, ergometers, stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, multi-gyms, abdominal and back trainers, dumbbells, barbells, weights plus lots of smaller fitness equipment.

FINNLO works with the latest fitness ideas and technologies. For instance, the training resistance in the Bio Force strength stations is generated not by conventional iron weights, but by TNT cylinders, which ensure quiet, even and jerk-free motion. With this technology, FINNLO sets new standards for multi-function strength stations.

The FINNLO lazy bear, the brand's mascot, is a personality-filled and especially successful marketing concept created by HAMMER SPORT AG. The FINNLO lazy bear promotes active engagement with a conscious and athletic lifestyle and is successfully used in social projects as well.



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