HAMMER SPORT AG – over 100 years of tradition in sports

HAMMER SPORT has been involved in manufacturing and distributing sporting goods for over 100 years. It started with the production of wooden tennis rackets and skis.

After World War II, the company became the leading German ski manufacturer under the "erbacher" brand with its important innovations. The company built the world’s first synthetic ski and was the second company to develop and manufacture metal skis. In 1960 Heidi Biebl won the gold medal for downhill at Squaw Valley (USA) using "erbacher Grand Prix" skis.

In 1982 HAMMER SPORT acquired German general distribution rights of the world-renowned MIKASA balls (supplier for the Olympics, World and European Championships).  A joint venture with the world’s then largest fitness equipment manufacturer “DP Diversified Products” was created in 1984. In 1989 HAMMER SPORT launched a fitness equipment program under the brand name “HAMMER”, which it constantly refines with innovative products as well as unparalleled equipment options. Today, HAMMER SPORT is one of Europe's leading providers of fitness, health and recreational products. In 1996 the distribution program was successfully expanded with the addition of HAMMER boxing and martial arts products.

To meet the growth and increased market importance, the company went public in 1999, thereby increasing its capital basis.

In 2005 HAMMER SPORT launched the premium brand FINNLO.
Today, FINNLO is the brand for innovative premium fitness equipment in Europe. An especially high standard of workmanship and a constant pursuit of quality and design are the key success factors for the FINNLO brand. The success story of HAMMER and FINNLO products is based essentially on developing quality products with innovative - in some cases patented - product specifications to meet the stringent requirements of the European market, especially those of Germany.

The manufacturers of HAMMER SPORT products are globally selected on the basis of quality and costs. The company has its own branch offices as well as subsidiaries that are responsible for coordinating development and purchasing activities. Branch office employees are in close contact with company headquarters to ensure that goods are supplied that meet the necessary quality standards. For customer service, a well-organized service and product-advising center is at your disposal.

HAMMER SPORT's product program encompasses nearly 600 different items in five sports categories. The company's customer base includes sales partners and dealers in 50 countries around the world. Expansion into further countries is being systematically pursued.

HAMMER SPORT AG customers include every sales partner crucial for all areas of business (fitness, MIKASA, boxing and martial arts) such as mail order companies, department stores, sporting goods purchasing associations, sporting goods dealers, online dealers, bike dealers as well as medical supply companies.